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A Hip Hop format talk-show that discusses current events, provides Kulturally relevant Edutainment, and promotes Blakanomics geared to build and mobilize community/network of Nation Building. We will have guess speakers, allow listeners to call in and give their point of view, and show-case talent with a conscious message. Although we are apologetically Black African, and push a agenda for Black empowerment and unity, we do not advocate hate or pander to a specific religious philosophy. We seek to find common ground to build on as a people and respect and except each other and our differences. "Know thyself/Accept your own"

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  • Are we too woke? #ConsciousCommunity July 16, 2018
    Are you too woke? cash app $Neterket
  • Let's not disgrace our Ancestors July 10, 2018
    We stand on the shoulders of those who labored,killed or died fighting wars and or in the streets for our freedom & justice. Those whose profound light still illuminates the path to our freedom & who did the impossible without the aid of modern technology. Some had no choice but to revolt or in the […]
  • CORE Music Fest with Shaneekya Yates July 7, 2018
    Saturday 7.7.18 @ 4PM EST call in 347-989-8767 Please join us as we welcome Shaneekya Yates, Founder/CEO Conscious Critic, Corp to Blackistand Radio! We will definitly promote the CORE Music Fest and play some tunes from artist who will perform, however, with a dynamic guest such as this, it would'nt do our audience justice if we didn't […]
  • Forth of July, Freedom are we there yet? July 5, 2018
    *prerocrded on FaceBook live. #4thofjuly #IndependenceDay #Liberation #Staywoke #Shenanigians
  • Fake woke shenanigans July 1, 2018
    Sunday @ 4PM EST call in # 347-989-8767 Great upcoming guest coming in July, however this first of July we are going to allow an open caller platform to discuss current events, the conscious comunity, Black issues, promote what you have going on or whatever is on your mind. Make sure to call in, listen […]
  • Blackistand Build with War Head June 22, 2018
    Friday, 6.22.18 @ 4pm PST/6pm CT/7pm EST call in number 347-989-8767 Come join Blackistand and build with guest & Chicago grass-roots Activist, WAR HEAD. We want to hear whats going on in your community, what solutions you think we should use, questions or comments. We will be alos going live @ Make sure to tell a […]
  • Stopping Police Brutality & the attack on our image June 2, 2018
    Saturday 6.2.18 @ 4PM EST/1PM PST call in 347-989-8767 Let's stop making it so hard, we can do practical things immediatly that can challenge police terrorism in our comunities!  Also the controlling of our narrative and other foctors can minimize the destruction of our images and images of our icons. Tune in to Blackistand radio […]
  • Black Empowerment is a threat to "white supremacy" May 17, 2018
    *This is not a live show. Make sure to check out Twitter @BlackistandRBG YouTube: Neterket  
  • Coon by Ye; (Kayne West) The breakdown of the making of "conscious" coons May 6, 2018
    **Pre-recorded** From a FB live rant. Please follow the show & check out! IG @Kweli_bosi Twitter @BlackistanRBG #KanyeWest #choices
  • Practical Small Business Startups with Kaluha Malachi El April 19, 2018
    Wednessday 4.18.18 9:15 EST Call In # 347-989-8767 Brother Kaluha malachi El joins Blackistand radio to discuss some small business ventures that can generate wealth & authority in our lives and communities across the Nation! Tune in, and participate in the discussion then share this program with others. connect with bro. Kaluha @ KaluhaMalachi El on […]